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Innovation is one of Stiga’s characteristics. The thought that drives us is that you should get the most out of your garden. Therefore, we combine innovative technology and excellent power with minimal impact on the individual and the environment. The primary aim is to make everything in the garden easier. In the long-term it is about leaving the earth in good condition.

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Stiga Walkbehind Mowers


In the garden of our dreams we all have a lush green, tightly-grown and well-cut lawn. In real life the picture may be somewhat different. What the school book tells us is that the difference lies in nutrition, water and care. What it forgets to mention is the shortcut called Multiclip. All ethanol or petrol powered Stiga lawn mowers – and some electric – feature the special Stiga mulching method, Multiclip.

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Stiga Handhel Products


Chainsaws and brush cutters, feel how they sit in your hand. The harder you work, the more important it is to have good tools. Stiga, as always, combines innovative technology and excellent power with low weight and minimal impact on the individual and the environment. This includes our chainsaw brush cutte ranges.

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Stiga Tractor Mowers


The Garden tractor range meets the needs of small garden owners who passionately care for their lawns. Great design, high quality and versatility – thanks to the integrated mulching function – are winning features. Thanks to hydrostatic or the new variator transmission you also get smoother operation.

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Stiga 2WD Recycling Mowers


The articulated steering means that the rear wheels follow exactly in the front wheel tracks. You have full control and can easily navigate around bushes and trees without running into them. Because the cutting deck is at the front, nothing is missed. You avoid having to trim afterwards.

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Stiga Park Pro 4WD Recycling Mowers


Articulated steering is the secret. You sit above the pivot point and look ahead over the cutting deck. It is easy to turn and easy to navigate around bushes, trees and fences, because the back wheels follow the track of those at the front. It is an incredible feeling, almost as if it drives itself.

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Stiga Robot Mowers


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Stiga Snow Blowers


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