Think Green

Stiga Multiclip, Smart Technology

The cutter deck has been given an aerodynamic design and the blades are angled so that they chop the grass clippings several times. Multiclip has two advantages in that it provides free fertiliser to the lawn and is quieter than traditional methods. The grass is cut into pieces so small that they disappear down into the lawn and provide free fertiliser. The fine clippings that whirl around the blade lower the overall noise level meaning Multiclip machines are much quieter machines.

The clippings disappear and become useful fertiliser

The fine clippings are pressed down into the lawn by the air flow that the blade generates. They rot and fertilise the lawn. Thanks to the grass clippings, the lawn retains moisture better and moss does not thrive as much in a well fertilised lawn.

Less work and less noise

With a Multiclip machine, you avoid the monotonous work of having to rake up the clippings afterwards nor do you have to worry about what you are going to do with the clippings. It has been calculated that you can save approximately 30% of working time thanks to the Multiclip function. So you can have a nap in the sun instead. Multiclip machines are also up to 50% quieter.


And less fuel

Stiga's products are the best for the environment, but they are also good for your wallet. They produce 30% less exhaust fumes and have around 30% lower fuel consumption. Stiga's engineers work under tough conditions - every year the machines have to become better, more environmentally friendly and more economical.