STIGA SMT 500 AE cordless multitool

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Forget about ladders and potentially hazardous tree-climbing - now you can easily access high branches and hard-to-reach hedge tops from the safety and comfort of the ground! Supplied with a pruner chainsaw and hedge trimmer attachment, the STIGA SMT 500 AE benefits from a fiberglass shaft that keeps product weight to an absolute minimum, which in turn makes it easy to both operate and transport. A soft-touch rubber grip and harness hook further enhance comfort and ease of use. The SMT 500 AE comes with a 65 cm extension bar that provides a maximum reach of 4m with the pruner attachment; and 4.3 m with the hedge trimmer attachment. 

The pruner attachment consists of a compact 10” chainsaw head with a high-performance chain that delivers a smooth cut and minimizes kick-back tendency. A bumper located under the guide-bar means you can use the branch as a cutting-platform and improve safety and precision.

Hedge trimmer
The hedge trimmer attachment is a flexible tool with a 112° rotating handle that ensures you’ll be able to achieve the most comfortable and ergonomic working-angle for your particular hedge. The fast working 46 cm double-sided bladed has been laser cut for stay-sharp durability and clean, bruise-free results.
This versatile multi-tool system is powered by a lightweight 48v lithium-ion battery that’s compatible with all the products in the 500 Series System line of cordless garden machines. A series of green LEDs makes it easy to keep track of the charge-level, so you’ll know whether you can continue working, or need to stop for a top-up. As soon as the pruning or hedge trimmer is finished, you can just plug the battery into your other 500 Series tool and get lawn-mowing or grass-trimming.

  • Lightweight and silent tool
  • Reduced weight and dimensions for easy management
  • 65 cm extension-shaft included, to reach high branches without ladder
  • Maximum cutting precision, thanks to the bumper on pruner attachment
  • Maximum flexibility, thanks to the rotating handle on hedger attachment
  • Compatible with 500 Series System lineup