STIGA SPR 500 AE (12)" cordless chainsaw

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With the 48v battery-powered STIGA SPR 500 AE Chainsaw you’ll enjoy unrestricted movement with less noise, less vibration, zero emissions and only few engine maintenance requirements! A precision machine ideal for in-tree work, the SPR 500 AE is compact and lightweight enough to be highly maneuverable where space is limited; and has been equipped with a metal hook that makes climbing with the machine easier and safer. Further boosting safety is a fast-acting chain brake that’s activated either manually, or automatically when the inertia caused by kick-back is detected. The SPR 500 AE features a wide side-handle and an ergonomic soft-touch top handle, that combine to ensure the operator will find it comfortable and easy to control. A transparent window makes it simple to keep track of the oil tank fill-level; while a thumb-support area enables a stronger forward thrust and a faster, smoother cut (a high-performance chain also contributes to smoothness of cut). The battery supplied with the SPR 500 AE can be used with all the handheld garden tools and lawnmowers in STIGA’s 500 Series cordless range.

  • Cordless battery-powered engine, for easy handling 
  • Less noise and vibrations, so you can work longer and stress-free 
  • High-quality chain for maximum cutting precision 
  • Top- and wide side-handle, for safe and comfortable work 
  • Transparent oil tank window for easier maintenance 
  • Compatible with 500 Series System lineup         

WARNING: This chain-saw is for use by trained tree service operators only. Use without proper training can result in severe injuries.