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Mowing Mowing

STIGA offers a wide range of products that are designed to mow efficiently and keep your lawn healthy and lush whichever system you choose. There are products to fit with every garden and every lifestyle.  

Trimming Trimming

From mowing to hedge maintenance to edging borders: STIGA offers a range of balanced, ergonomic products that have been designed to guarantee efficient cutting with maximum user comfort.  

Cutting Cutting

STIGA offers a range of chainsaws and multi-tools that are designed to help you with cutting wood and pruning even the tallest trees and hedges. 

Cleaning Cleaning

A well-maintained, cared-for garden also requires cleaning of outdoor hard surfaces, like driveways and footpaths, and the removal of leaves, snow, dust and debris. STIGA offers a range of domestic appliances that are designed to help clean a wide variety of surfaces all year round.  

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